Renewed Debate over the HPV vaccine (Rebroadcast)

Renewed Debate over the HPV vaccine (Rebroadcast)

Medical groups strongly recommend the HPV vaccine for preadolescent girls, but the issue has surfaced as a political flash point. Diane and her guests discuss benefits and risks of the vaccine.

During Tuesday’s CNN tea party presidential nominee debate two of the candidates sparred over perhaps an unlikely issue: the HPV vaccine. Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann criticized Republican Governor Rick Perry for signing an executive order in 2007 requiring middle school age girls in the state of Texas to have the vaccine – an order that was subsequently blocked by the Texas state legislature. Her comments renewed debate over the risks and benefits of the HPV vaccine …and what role, if any, the government should have with regard to who gets vaccinated. Diane and her guests discuss benefits and risks of the HPV vaccine.


Dr. Roberta DeBiasi

pediatric infectious diseases physician at Children’s National Medical Center

Peter Sprigg

vice president for policy at the Family Research Council

Liz Szabo

reporter, USA Today

Dr. Renata Sanders

adolescent Health
general pediatrics and adolescent medicine,
Johns Hopkins Children's Center

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