President Obama's Jobs Bill

President Obama's Jobs Bill

President Obama sends his nearly $450 billion jobs bill to Congress. Diane and guests explore its prospects for passage and how it compares to Republican ideas for boosting U.S. job growth.

Yesterday President Obama urged Congress to pass his $447 billion jobs proposal with ‘no games, no politics, no delays”. It’s a plan that includes tax cuts for working Americans and small businesses. It also includes spending on teachers, schools, and infrastructure. President Obama says his plan will put people back to work and incorporates ideas from both the left and the right, but some Congressional Republicans raised immediate objections to plans to pay for the bill which include higher taxes on wealthier families. Join us to discuss the ongoing political struggle to find ways to spur job growth


Jared Bernstein

senior fellow, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities; former chief economist and economic policy adviser for Vice President Biden.

Jonathan Weisman

White House reporter for "The Wall Street Journal."

Rea Hederman

senior policy analyst, The Heritage Foundation.

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