Laura Lippman: "The Most Dangerous Thing"

Laura Lippman - Jan Cobb

Laura Lippman

Jan Cobb

Laura Lippman: "The Most Dangerous Thing"

The former Baltimore Sun reporter's newest novel looks at the power of long-kept secrets and childhood regret.

Five childhood friends and one secret. In the summer of 1978, five kids stumble upon a cabin in the woods. What happens there forever changes their lives. Thirty-two years later, when one of the friends dies, the past comes hurtling back. Author Laura Lippman’s new novel “The Most Dangerous Thing” is set in the same Baltimore neighborhood where she grew up. Lippman went on to spend twenty years as a newspaper reporter, before writing her first novel. The Washington Post calls her “one of the best novelists around, period.” Novelist Laura Lippman on writing, and the lasting power of childhood secrets.


Laura Lippman

author of sixteen novels; former reporter at The Baltimore Sun; winner of numerous writing awards including the Edgar award for best mystery.

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Excerpt from "The Most Dangerous Thing" by Laura Lippman. Copyright 2011 by Laura Lippman. Excerpted here by kind permission of William Morrow/HarperCollinsPublishers:

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