Steven Brill: "Class Warfare"

Steven Brill: "Class Warfare"

On the frontlines of school reform: A veteran journalist reports on an unlikely coalition of parents, teachers, Republicans and Democrats trying to fix America’s failing schools.

American students rank 15th in the world in reading literacy, 25th in math and 17th in science. Frustrated parents in urban areas have turned to charter schools led by young, idealistic teachers. Education reformers have found an ally in President Obama, whose “Race to the Top” program rewards states that measure teacher quality and tie salaries to student test scores. But the program has met resistance from teachers’ unions, who form the backbone of the Democratic Party. Veteran journalist Steven Brill, who investigated New York's infamous "Rubber Rooms," reports on the education reform movement and the great struggle it has set off within the Democratic Party.


Steven Brill

journalist and author of "After: How America Confronted the September 12 Era," and "The Teamsters"

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Excerpted from "Class Warfare" by Steven Bill. Copyright 2011 by Steven Brill. All rights reserved. Excerpted here by kind permission of Simon & Schuster:

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