Rory Stewart: "Can Intervention Work?"

Rory Stewart: "Can Intervention Work?"

Shortly after NATO's invasion of Afghanistan, Rory Stewart walked across the country, alone, nearly ten years on he tells us why the West needs to let go of it's smug sense of moral obligation and stop seeing intervention as the "cure of all evil."

The cost of military intervention in a foreign country can be very high – as the families of the navy SEALS who died recently in Afghanistan, tragically, know only too well. There is the unavoidable loss of life, coupled with the financial and political costs of a sustained presence. Yet, governments around the world have increasingly put their faith in it – as we have seen in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya. They commit their armed forces, their finances and their political fortunes for often decades at a time, despite the high costs and uncertain outcome. Today we ask is military intervention working or is it time for a new approach.


Rory Stewart

a member of the British Parliament and author of "The Prince of the Marshes" and "The Places In Between"

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