Emerging Field of GOP Presidential Candidates

Emerging Field of GOP Presidential Candidates

Voters in Ames, Iowa, make their picks in the straw poll and Texas governor Rick Perry throws his hat in the ring. Analysis of the emerging field of GOP presidential candidates.

This weekend saw major changes in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. While votes were being cast in Iowa’s straw poll, 1200 miles away, Rick Perry shook things up. He officially entered the race from South Carolina. Back in Iowa, Michele Bachmann was the big winner. She won the Straw Poll with 29% of the vote. Fellow Minnesotan Tim Pawlenty finished a distant third, and then finished his run for the nomination. This Monday morning, there are new frontrunners and a new intensity to the campaigns … a look at major changes in the field of Republican presidential candidates.


David Keene

former chairman of the American Conservative Union and a columnist for The Washington Times

Amy Walter

political director, ABC News.

David Winston

republican strategist and president of the Winston Group, and CBS News consultant. Served as a strategic adviser to House and Senate Republican Leadership for the past 12 years.

Richard Dunham

Washington Bureau Chief for the Houston Chronicle.

Program Highlights

  • Amy Walter: [During the Iowa Straw Poll,] Michele Bachman "had a great 12 hours. But she found very quickly that this is going to be a tough fight for Iowa with Rick Perry in this race."
  • Diane read an email from a listener named Jeffrey about Sarah Palin, which said, "Sarah Palin showing up in Iowa when she's not a candidate confirms she's gotten a taste of the spotlight and now won't let go. She's like the kid who says, 'no, I don't want to help with your lemonade stand,' but then goes around telling everyone how she made it a success."
  • "I think what Sarah Palin is beginning to discover is the train is sort of leaving the station here...and that this campaign is starting to fire up...and, somehow, what she's got to figure out, if she's not a candidate, how does she sort of sustain her level of awareness in terms of the American people?" said republican strategist and Wisnton Group president David Winston.
  • "Just because you win the Iowa straw poll doesn't mean you're going to win the Iowa caucuses. And, Lord knows, just because you win the Iowa caucuses doesn't mean you're going to be nominated," said David Keene, former chairman of the American Conservative Union and Washington Times columnist.
  • "The economy has become as theological an issue as abortion," Richard Dunham, Washington Bureau Chief for the Houston Chronicle, said.

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