Rebuilding America

Rebuilding America

America’s infrastructure deficit is in excess of $2.3 trillion dollars - and growing. But resistance to raising taxes is stronger than ever and federal funding is drying up. We discuss America’s failing infrastructure and the impact on our economy and our global competitiveness.

President Obama called for renewed efforts in nation-building recently -- not in Afghanistan or Iraq – but here, at home, in America. The president was referring to the state of the country's aging and in many cases, poorly maintained infrastructure. More than a quarter of the country's bridges need significant repairs. Over four thousand dams are considered "unsafe". A billion gallons of water is lost every year due to leaking pipes. Nearly everyone agrees that more spending on infrastructure is needed, the billion dollar question is -- how are we going to pay for it.


Tyler Duvall

infrastructure-strategy consultant with McKinsey and Company

Jack Basso

director, program finance and management,
American Association of State Highway and Transportation Official (AASHTO)

Ed Rendell

Building America’s Future Co-Chair, and former Pennsylvania governor

Maureen McAvey

Executive Vice President, Urban Land Institute

Rep. John Mica (R-FL)

Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee

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