The Partial FAA Shutdown

The Partial FAA Shutdown

Congress's failure to agree to an FAA funding measure has furloughed thousands of workers and is costing the federal government $30 million a day. What's behind the partial FAA shutdown.

A partial shutdown of the FAA began on July 23. Congress failed to pass a short-term funding extension. This furloughed 4,000 FAA employees and tens of thousands of airport construction workers. Planes are still flying, but the federal government is losing more than $30 million dollars a day from uncollected passenger ticket taxes. Republicans in the House and Senate Democrats disagree about union-forming rules and rural airport subsidies. As lawmakers leave for summer vacation, the stalemate threatens to stretch past Labor Day. What’s behind the impasse, and the consequences for the nation’s air system and the traveling public.


Ray LaHood

U.S. Secretary of Transportation and former Republican member of the United States House of Representatives.

Ashley Halsey III

transportation reporter for the Washington Post

Ken Simonson

chief economist, Associated General Contractors of America

Veda Shook

International president, Association of Flight Attendants - CWA.

James Sherk

senior policy analyst in labor economics, the Heritage Foundation.

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