Alice LaPlante: "Turn of Mind"

 - Anne Knudsen

Anne Knudsen

Alice LaPlante: "Turn of Mind"

A mystery novel with a twist: the suspect suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and can’t remember if she's killed her friend. The author draws upon her own mother’s illness to create a moving portrait of a woman with dementia.

Alice LaPlante’s new novel, “Turn of Mind,” is a murder mystery with a twist. Its narrator, Dr. Jennifer White may have killed her best friend, but she doesn’t remember. Jennifer suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and the answer is hidden somewhere in her rapidly deteriorating mind. At one point Jennifer reveals, “I believe I could kill. There is that in me.” The author’s own mother suffers from Alzheimer’s. She infuses her experiences with the disease into Jennifer’s character. Readers are left with an intimate and revealing look into the mind of someone with dementia.


Alice LaPlante

teaches creative writing at Stanford University and San Francisco State University. Author of five previous non-fiction books, including a guide to writing, “Method and Madness: The Making of a Story.” Her debut novel is “Turn of Mind.”

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Excerpt from "Turn of Mind" by Alice LaPlante. Copyright 2011 by Alice LaPlante. Excerpted here by kind permission of Atlantic Monthly Press:<

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