Melanie Benjamin: "The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb"

Melanie Benjamin: "The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb"

She was a 19th-century woman who stood only 32 inches tall. But she refused to let her gender or her size define her. An historical novel about the real-life Mrs. Tom Thumb.

Mercy Lavinia Warren Bump was born on a Massachusetts farm in 1841. Vinnie, as her family called her, weighed in at six pounds and grew normally during her first year of life. Then she stopped growing and remained thirty-two inches tall for the rest of her life. Her height didn’t stop her from excelling at school and even becoming a school teacher. But she sought a bigger stage and at 17 embarked on a career in show business. It led to a partnership with P.T. Barnum, marriage to tiny superstar General Tom Thumb and a grand world tour. A novelist imagines what life was like for Mrs. Tom Thumb.

Mrs Tom Thumb

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