Global Debt Worries

Global Debt Worries

The European debt crisis, gridlock in Washington and the global economy: What fears of contagion in Europe and political stalemate in the U.S. could mean for investors and consumers worldwide.

Investors and consumers have reason to worry: In Washington, despite prolonged debate and a looming deadline, Congress has yet to reach an agreement on raising the debt ceiling. In Europe there's an emergency summit tomorrow to discuss, once again, how to deal with the debt crisis which began in Greece and now threatens Italy and Spain. The problems here and abroad are tied to a global economy still struggling to regain its footing, but the political process adds to the risk, and it's consumers and investors who ultimately pick up the tab. Join us for conversation on the economic challenges we face and the price we pay for politics.


Damian Paletta

reporter, The Wall Street Journal.

William Cohan

contributing editor at Vanity Fair, opinion columnist for Bloomberg View; author of "Money and Power: How Goldman Sachs Came to Rule the World"; and former investment banker

Scheherazade Rehman

professor of International Business/Finance and International Affairs at George Washington University

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