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Hoarding is more than just a bad habit, for many its a symptom of serious psychological and health problems.

We have all come across the friend or family member that collects piles of old fabric, newspaper clippings, or even buttons. It might seem harmless enough. But for some, hoarding these often valueless items takes over their lives and their homes. The most well known example of the tragic consequences of hoarding was the Collyer brothers, who died in their new york home under a literal mountain of junk. But they story is just one of many. Life management consultant Dr. Darnita Payden and psychologist Elspeth Bell discuss this surprisingly common disorder.


Darnita Payden

Life Management Specialist

Elspeth Bell

Psychologist, Behavior Therapy Center of Greater Washington

Randy Frost

Professor at Smith College and author of "Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things"

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