Update on Federal Debt Negotiations

Update on Federal Debt Negotiations

The president and top Congressional leaders work to hash out a deal on the nation’s debt. What’s on the table in the latest negotiations as they seek up to $4 trillion in savings.

Negotiations in Washington over the debt ceiling have reached another stalemate. President Obama and top Congressional leaders met at the White House last night. But they still remain far apart on the details of a deal. Saturday night, those talks hit a roadblock. House Speaker John Boehner abandoned efforts to reach a $4 trillion long-term plan. He blamed Democrats for insisting on higher taxes. Democrats say raising revenue must be part of a deal. As the debt ceiling deadline of August 2nd draws closer, President Obama and top party leaders will meet again this afternoon. Diane and her guests discuss the high stakes negotiations and the prospects for a deal.


Charlie Cook

editor and publisher of the "Cook Political Report"

Jeanne Cummings

deputy government editor, Bloomberg News.

Ron Elving

Washington editor for NPR.

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