Deficit Negotiations

Deficit Negotiations

The Senate cancels its post-Fourth-of-July recess to work on a deficit reduction deal: the impact of proposed one-trillion-dollar spending cuts and tax increases.

The White House says Congress has until July 22nd to come to an agreement on a plan to cut the deficit. One trillion dollars in spending cuts have been outlined, but Republicans and Democrats remain sharply divided on whether some tax increases should also be included. The Senate has agreed to cancel a planned recess next week to allow more time for negotiations: Join us for an update on the negotiation process and how proposed deficit reduction measures could affect the overall U.S. economy.


David Stockman

former Congressman from Michigan, R
budget director during the Reagan administration

David Wessel

economics editor, The Wall Street Journal; author "In Fed We Trust"

Alexis Simendinger

White House correspondent, RealClearPolitics

Chris Cillizza

author of The Fix, a Washington Post politics blog, and managing editor of

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