Friday News Roundup - Hour 2

Friday News Roundup - Hour 2

A panel of journalists joins Diane to talk about reaction to the planned austerity measures in Greece, a deadly Taliban attack on a hotel in Kabul, and Egyptian military efforts to tamp down the largest riots in Cairo since Mubarak's fall.

Greece’s parliament passed austerity measures meant to keep the country from defaulting next month. The vote cleared the way for another installment of aid. Protests over Europe’s strict austerity measures broke out in Greece and Britian. While Christine Lagarde prepared to become the first woman to head the IMF. An attack on the Inter-Continental Hotel in Kabul left more than twenty people dead. It raised new concerns about the country’s security. And, Egypt saw the worst violence in its capital since Hosni Mubarak left in February. A panel of journalists joins Diane to talk about the top international news stories of the week.


Daniel Dombey

U.S. diplomatic correspondent, Financial Times.

Susan Glasser

editor-in-chief, Foreign Policy.

Abderrahim Foukara

Washington bureau chief of Al Jazeera Arabic.

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