Greece and the European Debt Crisis

Greece and the European Debt Crisis

The Greek vote on a five -year austerity plan: Implications for Europe’s ongoing debt crisis and the global economy

Greece’s parliament votes today on a bill to implement austerity measures. Yesterday, lawmakers approved a controversial package of tax hikes and spending cuts. The vote cleared the way for $ 17 billion dollars in international emergency loans. The aid is meant to stave off a possible default next month. Approval of the package came despite nationwide strikes and violent protests in Athens. The vote gave the prime minister a critical victory in the midst of crisis talks with E.U. leaders and the I.M.F. Diane talks with her guests about Greece’s latest efforts to avoid default and how its debt affects Europe’s stability and markets across the world.


Scheherazade Rehman

professor of International Business/Finance and International Affairs at George Washington University

Ambassador Vassilis Kaskarelis

Greece's ambassador to the United States

Alan Beattie

international economy editor, The Financial Times

Antonio de Lecea

minister for economic and financial affairs at the E.U. Delegation

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