James O'Shea: "The Deal From Hell"

James O'Shea: "The Deal From Hell"

The former editor of the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times describes the decline of the modern American newspaper industry. Why he blames greed, incompetence and corruption - not the Internet.

American newspapers have been in steep decline for years. The rise of the Internet usually gets the bulk of the blame. But a veteran newsman tells a different story. In a new book about the disastrous merger of two great media companies, he argues that greed, corruption and incompetence all played a part. Using investigative reporting skills, he gives an in-depth account of a bad merger that led to a bankruptcy and, he says, placed a dangerously troubled industry in greater peril. An insider's view on what has been dubbed "the deal from hell."


James O'Shea

former editor-in-chief of the Los Angeles Times; former managing editor of the Chicago Tribune; author of a new book, "The Deal from Hell."

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