Friday News Roundup - Hour 1

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Katty Kay of the BBC
Friday News Roundup - Hour 1

Analysis of this week's top national news including the Federal Reserve's outlook on the U.S economy, the Supreme Court decision on a discrimination class action suit against Walmart, and debt reduction talks in Congress.

Republicans pulled out of debt reduction talks led by vice president biden. They cited an impass over taxes only President Obama and House Speaker Boehner could resolve. The Congressional Budge Office issued a dire warning of a debt explosion, and the Fed said the U.S. economy is weaker than previously forecast. Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman officially joined the Republican presidential race. The Supreme Court threw out a massive class-action sex-discrimination lawsuit against Wal-mart. And the House is set to vote on resolutions regarding Libya.


Sheryl Gay Stolberg

Washington correspondent, The New York Times.

Greg Ip

U.S. economics editor, The Economist, and author of "The Little Book of Economics: How the Economy Works in the Real World."

Nia-Malika Henderson

national politics reporter, The Washington Post.

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