Job Growth

Job Growth

Dallas Federal Reserve economists say Texas led the way in net new job creation over the last two years: Why some states fare better than others in driving job growth, and overall prospects for U-S workers.

Candidates vying to be the Republican presidential nominee for 2012 square off tonight in a debate in New Hampshire. They’ll cover a wide range of topics, but for many voters the economy remains the key issue. Last week the stock market took another plunge, the sixth consecutive week of decline, and in many parts of the country the number of people looking for work remains alarmingly high. There are some relatively bright spots: Texas, for instance, leads the country in the net number of new jobs created over the last two years. A look at the kinds of jobs being created today, where and why.


Richard Fisher

president, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Mark Zandi

chief economist of Moody's Analytics and author of "Financial Shock" and the forthcoming book, "Paying the Price."

Jim Tankersley

reporter, National Journal

Susan Lund

director of research, McKinsey Global Institute

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