Friday News Roundup - Hour 2

Friday News Roundup - Hour 2

The U.S. intensified air strikes in Yemen, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with international partners to discuss Libya, and more people continued to get sick in a European E. coli outbreak. A panel of journalists joins Diane for analysis of the week's top international news stories.

The U.S. intensified airstrikes in Yemen. The extent of the war there, had largely been kept secret. The U.N.’s highest human rights official called on Syria’s government to halt assaults against its own people. The U.N. said more than 1100 people have been killed since March. Many Syrians have fled into nearby Turkey. In Iraq, U.S. troops experienced the deadliest single attack in two years. And German authorities said bean sprouts were to blame for an E. coli outbreak that killed at least 29 people. A panel of journalists discuss the top international stories of the week.


David Sanger

chief Washington correspondent for The New York Times.

Courtney Kube

national security producer for NBC News.

Richard McGregor

Washington bureau chief, The Financial Times.

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