Ted Danson: "Oceana"

 - Kate Danson

Kate Danson

Ted Danson: "Oceana"

Ted Danson is best-known for his award-winning TV roles. But for twenty-five years he’s also been devoted to protecting the world's oceans. He talks with Diane talks about his journey from actor to activist.

Oceans cover more than two-thirds of the world’s surface. They were once thought to be an unlimited resource, too vast to be damaged by humans. But that view is changing. By some accounts, 90 percent of the big fish that existed half-a-century ago are gone. Billions of pounds of fish are wasted as unwanted “bycatch.” And hundreds of thousands of seabirds and marine life have been killed by oil spills and toxins. As a result, ocean activism is growing -- for more public awareness, sound conservation policies, and enforcement of existing laws. Actor Ted Danson talks with Diane about his 25 years as an ocean activist.


Ted Danson

actor and activist

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Excerpted from "Oceana," by Ted Danson. Copyright 2011 by Ted Danson. Excerpted by kind permission from Rodale.

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