Politicians and Ethics

Politicians and Ethics

The scandal involving Congressman Weiner underscores growing disgust over the behavior of politicians: voter reaction to yet another set of lies and apologies, amid the ongoing partisan stalemate in Washington.

Representative Anthony Weiner has been apologizing for sending a lewd photo via twitter and then lying about it. Sadly, the episode doesn’t feel all that shocking. The pattern is familiar. Yet, for many it’s another blow to hopes that people in politics will adhere to a higher ethical standard despite abundant evidence to the contrary. This latest impropriety adds to the frustration that many already feel over the ongoing political gridlock in Washington. Join us for a conversation about voter reaction to this latest scandal and what’s wrong with Washington


Charlie Cook

editor and publisher of the "Cook Political Report"

Ruth Marcus

columnist and editorial writer, The Washington Post.

Melanie Sloan

executive director, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington

Jennifer Preston

reporter, New York Times

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