U.S. Manufacturing and Engineering Work Force

U.S. Manufacturing and Engineering Work Force

U.S. students lag behind in math and science compared to those in other countries: New efforts to better prepare Americans for work in engineering and manufacturing.

The nation’s unemployment rate crept back up to 9.1 % last month, a disheartening figure for the many Americans looking for work. But there is another problem: a number of employers would like to hire but can’t find qualified applicants. The gap between applicant qualifications and the skills required for many of the available jobs is growing. Recent studies show that American students have fallen behind their counterparts in other countries in math and science skills, and this is happening as many companies, especially manufacturers, rely on an increasingly skilled workforce. Join us for a conversation about the challenge of educating for the jobs of today


Emily DeRocco

Manufacturing Institute, research arm of the National Association of Manufacturing

Gary Green

president, Forsyth Technical Community College,
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Byron Auguste

senior partner, McKinsey & Company

Michael Davidson

senior analyst, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

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