Environmental Outlook: America's Wilderness

Environmental Outlook: America's Wilderness

Environmental Outlook: The debate over protecting and using millions of acres of wild lands in the United States.

The issue of how to use federal lands has long pitted business and industry against environmentalists. It has also often set Republicans against Democrats. In December the Obama administration's Interior Department issued a policy order seen as promoting the protection of wild lands. Last week it reversed that order, partly because the budget deal reached with the Republican Congress in April essentially took away funding to implement it. Oil and gas companies and some recreational groups welcomed the move. Environmental groups expressed alarm. Another segment in our Environmental Outlook series: The battle over America's public lands.


William Meadows

president, The Wilderness Society.

Coral Davenport

energy and environment correspondent, National Journal.

Kathleen Sgamma

director of government and public affairs, Western Energy Alliance.

David Hayes

deputy secretary, Department of the Interior.

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