Cyber Security

Cyber Security

When cyber attacks constitute an act of war: The Pentagon’s strategies to defend the U-S from cyber attacks and guidelines for military retaliation.

The Pentagon is putting together a plan for a U.S. response to cyber sabotage: the report will likely outline the kinds of computer attacks that would be considered acts of war and warrant possible military retaliation. Recent cyber attacks here and abroad highlight what many say is growing vulnerability for both civilian and military infrastructure, but the perpetrators of cyber attacks are often not easily or quickly identified. Join us for a conversation on the challenge of cyber security in the public and private sectors.


Siobhan Gorman

Intelligence and Homeland Security Correspondent, Wall Street Journal

Mischel Kwon

president, Mischel Kwon Associates, a security consulting firm
former director, the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT)

Stewart Baker

attorney, Steptoe and Johnson
former assistant secretary of policy, Department of Homeland Security

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