John Prendergast and Michael Mattocks: "Unlikely Brothers" (Rebroadcast)

John Prendergast and Michael Mattocks: "Unlikely Brothers" (Rebroadcast)

One became a human rights activist and adviser to presidents. The other overcame a life of drugs and violence. How their chance meeting in a homeless shelter changed both of their lives. John Prendergast and Michael Mattocks tell the story of their "Big Brother-Little Brother" relationship.

One was a 20-year-old Irish Catholic who had been a Georgetown University student in Washington. The other was a seven-year-old African American boy living in a D.C. homeless shelter. Their paths crossed in one of life's random moments and altered both of them forever. The college student became a well-known human rights champion who works with George Clooney and other Hollywood activists. The boy from the streets became a drug dealer - before turning his life around. In a new book, and in an interview with Diane, they tell their story. How a brotherly bond forged decades ago helped each of them find their way in the world and taught them the power of commitment.


John Prendergast

human rights activist; co-founder of the Enough Project; author of several books.

Michael Mattocks

co-author of "Unlikely Brothers."

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