Natural Disasters and Government Relief Efforts

Natural Disasters and Government Relief Efforts

Following this week's deadly tornadoes, Congress is pushing for a $1 billion aid package. Natural disasters, government relief efforts and the long road to recovery.

Tornadoes swept across Arkansas, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri yesterday. Fifteen people died. And in Joplin, Missouri, emergency workers are still searching for survivors of Monday's storm. It was the nation's deadliest tornado in six decades, killing at least 125 people. Hundreds are believed to be missing. FEMA - the Federal Emergency Management Agency - has been on the ground coordinating rescue and recovery. We'll talk about those efforts - and whether the nation's emergency management systems are over-burdened.


W. Craig Fugate

administrator, Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Bob Dixson

mayor, Greensburg, Kansas.

Ed O'Keefe

author of The Federal Eye blog and federal government reporter for The Washington Post.

Barry Scanlon

president, Witt Associates; former adviser at FEMA.

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