Michael Crummey: "Galore"

Michael Crummey - Holly Hogan

Michael Crummey

Holly Hogan

Michael Crummey: "Galore"

The folklore of Newfoundland comes alive in a new novel about love and survival. It's the fanciful story of two feuding families who battle the superstition, the elements, and each other for two hundred years

Two feuding families and the harsh landscape of Newfoundland: these are the key elements of writer Michael Crummey’s newest novel. It’s a fanciful story based on folklore of the region and filled with quirky characters. They inhabit a dark and cold world and struggle to eke out a life despite the elements and often, each other. Please join us for a conversation with writer Michael Crummey about love and survival on the coast of Newfoundland


Michael Crummey

poet and storyteller. He is the author of novels, "River Thieves" and "The Wreckage." He won the Commonwealth prize for Canada for "Galore."

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From Galore by Michael Crummey. Copyright 2011 by Michael Crummey. All rights reserved. Excerpted here by kind permission of Other Press.

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