Political Power and Sex Scandals

Political Power and Sex Scandals

How adultery and other transgressions affect support for politicians on both sides of the Atlantic.

It’s happened before and it’ll happen again. Still, every time one of our politicians admits or is discovered to been involved in some unethical sexual encounter, there’s a pause. We wonder why so many people, or should we say, so many men, with political power seem to risk so much so often, and to what extent, if at all, do sexual transgressions undermine a politician’s credibility with voters? As we sort through those issues here, across the Atlantic political implications abound in the aftermath of criminal charges against the head of the IMF who had been widely expected to be a strong contender in the next French presidential election. Please join us for a conversation about political power and sex scandals.


Randy Cohen

former writer, 'The Ethicist' in the New York Times Magazine

Michele Swers

associate professor of government, Georgetown University

Sandra Sobieraj-Westfall

Washington editor,
People Magazine

Eric Pape

reporter, Foreign Policy Magazine

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