The Future of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The Future of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

A House subcommittee approves a trio of GOP-backed bills to limit the newly created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Implications for President Obama's overhaul of financial regulations.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been under assault almost from the moment it was put on the drawing board. The battle lines are familiar. Democrats versus Republicans. Yesterday a GOP-led House subcommittee approved three bills that would change the agency's structure. Republican critics said the measures would improve the CFPB, partly by making it more transparent. CFPB supporters blasted the bills as an attempt to cripple the bureau, which the banking industry has lobbied hard against. The continuing fight over the new watchdog of banks, credit card companies, the mortgage industry and other consumer lenders.


Travis Plunkett

legislative director, the Consumer Federation of America.

Maya Jackson Randall

financial reporter, Dow Jones Newswires, Wall Street Journal bureau.

Mark Calabria

director of financial regulation studies, Cato Institute.

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