Political Turmoil in the North Africa and the Middle East

Political Turmoil in the North Africa and the Middle East

Anti-government protests in Syria, airstrikes in Libya, and a possible power transition in Yemen: The latest on violence and political upheaval in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

The Syrian army used tanks, machine guns, and heavy artillery to beat back anti-government protesters. Nearly 400 people have died since the crackdown began five weeks ago. Yesterday in Libya, pro Qaddafi forces shelled a residential neighborhood in Misrata killing at least 12. In Yemen, there’s an exit plan for the country’s long time president and the first political transition in that country’s modern history: Join us for an update on political turmoil and violence taking place in countries across the Mideast and Northern Africa and the high stakes questions these developments are raising for the region and the world.


Anthony Shadid

reporter, The New York Times
winner of the 2004 Pulitzer for International Reporting

Samer Shehata

assistant professor of Arab politics, Georgetown University Center for Contemporary Arab Studies.

Hisham Melhem

Washington bureau chief for Al-Arabiya TV, and Washington correspondent for "An-Nahar."

Michele Dunne

senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and editor of the monthly online journal, "Arab Reform Bulletin."

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