Caitlin Kelly: "Malled"

Caitlin Kelly: "Malled"

Life on the other side of the cash register: A journalist describes what she learned about the world of American retail after getting laid off from her newspaper job and joining the ranks of low-wage workers selling over-priced goods in a mall.

In 2007 Caitlin Kelly was a laid-off journalist in need of job. She sent out dozens of resumes in her field, before taking a part–time retail sales job at a popular clothing store inside a mall. Her salary was less than $12 an hour, but she wondered how hard it could be to hang up jackets and operate a cash register. She describes the physical and emotional pressures on retail sales workers and what she calls the hidden dysfunction within the nation’s third largest industry. We talk about the struggle to find meaningful work in a tough economy.


Caitlin Kelly


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