Administration's Deficit Reduction Plan

Administration's Deficit Reduction Plan

An analysis of President Obama's plan for reducing the nation's debt. Diane and her guests look at prospects for bipartisan cooperation on budget negotiations for 2012 and beyond.

When President Obama unveiled his proposed spending cuts last week, it included four hundred billion from national security over the next twelve years. The president has ordered a high level review to determine where specifically cost savings can come from. When Defense Secretary Robert Gates ordered cuts of his own back in January, he said he opposed further reductions in spending. The defense department has acknowledged that the budget cuts would require some scaling back of the military. A look at balancing security needs with budget realities


Dan Mitchell

senior fellow at the Cato Institute

John Irons

research and policy director, Economic Policy Institute.

Congressman Phil Gingrey

Republican, 11th District, Georgia.

Mara Liasson

national political correspondent for National Public Radio and a contributor at Fox News Channel

Rep. Chris Van Hollen

Democrat of Maryland, Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

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