Slashing The Federal Budget

Slashing The Federal Budget

Republicans offer a 2012 budget plan that sharply curtails Medicare, cuts Medicaid and slashes more than $6 trillion over the next ten years. We discuss support for the plan and its implications for the ongoing budget debate.

House Republicans release a 2012 budget proposal today. It cuts more than $6 trillion from the overall budget over the next ten years, essentially ends Medicare as we know it, and makes dramatic cuts to Medicaid. The plan is also likely to include reductions to the top tax rate for both individuals and corporations. President Obama and lawmakers from both parties have said federal deficits cannot be brought under control without changes to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, but critics of the Republican plan say it puts the deficit burden squarely on the nation’s most vulnerable citizens. Join us for a conversation about the GOP 2012 budget plan and its implications for the overall budget process.


Alice Rivlin

senior fellow, Brookings Institution, vice chair, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System (1996-99); director, White House Office of Management and Budget (1994-96); and founding director, Congressional Budget Office (1975-83).

Ron Pollack

executive director of Families USA, a national non-profit organization for health care consumers.

Gail Wilensky

economist, senior fellow at Project HOPE; former administrator of Medicare and Medicaid and health policy adviser in the George. H.W. Bush Administration.

Tom Daschle

distinguished senior fellow, Center for American Progress
special policy adviser, law firm of Alston & Bird
former Democratic Senator from South Dakota.

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