Senator Bernie Sanders: "The Speech" (Rebroadcast)

Senator Bernie Sanders: "The Speech" (Rebroadcast)

On December 10, 2010, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders walked on to the floor of the United States Senate and made a speech lasting over eight hours. In it, he blasted the agreement that President Obama struck with Republicans which extended tax cuts for the very rich. But the speech also attacked corporate greed and what he sees as the decline of the American middle class. Senator Sanders joins Diane to discuss his speech and its call to action.

The economy, the federal budget, and the growing national deficit are touchstone issues defining politics in Washington today. Lawmakers are proposing cuts to programs that benefit middle class and working families. In December, President Obama signed into law an extension of tax cuts -- including cuts for the very wealthiest Americans. One Independent senator delivered an eight-hour speech on the Senate floor decrying the tax deal and what he believed it symbolized: corporate greed and the collapse of the middle class. U. S Senator Bernie Sanders talks about his appeal for a fundamental change in national priorities.


Bernie Sanders

Independent U. S. senator from Vermont.

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