Dean Faulkner Wells: "Every Day by the Sun"

Dean Faulkner Wells - Larry Wells

Dean Faulkner Wells

Larry Wells

Dean Faulkner Wells: "Every Day by the Sun"

William Faulkner received a Nobel Prize for Literature for his unique contribution to the modern American novel. The niece he helped raise offers an intimate portrait of her uncle and the Faulkners of Mississippi.

William Faulkner is considered by many to be one of last century’s most important writers. He wrote series of novels set in a small southern town which include “As I Lay Dying”, “Light In August” and “Absalom, Absalom!“. The Mississippi born author was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature, had legions of fans, but remained an intensely private man. He died at age 64 in 1962. In a new memoir the last of those who knew him well and offers an intimate portrait of the man she called “Pappy”. Please join me for a conversation with Dean Faulkner Wells, daughter of William Faulkner’s youngest brother, about growing up as a member of the Faulkner family of Oxford Mississippi.


Dean Faulkner Wells

the niece of William Faulkner

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From Every Day by the Sun. Copyright 2011 by Dean Faulkner Wells. Excerpted by kind permission of Crown Publishing, a division of Random House.

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