Readers' Review: "The Masters" by C.P. Snow

Readers' Review: "The Masters" by C.P. Snow

The setting of "The Masters" by C.P.Snow is an elite college in England. For the March Readers' Review, a discussion about what the politics within this small world reveals about human nature.

The English novelist and physicist Charles Percy Snow wrote eleven books as part of his "Strangers and Brothers" series. They all concern the pursuit of ambition and exercise of power in mid-20th century Britain. The fourth takes place within the closed walls of a college in Cambridge two years before England entered World War II. Several dons are in the process of electing a new Master to lead the college. In this month's Readers' Review, we discuss "The Masters" and its depiction of personal and academic politics.


Frances Stead Sellers

editor for health, science and the environmental coverage at The Washington Post.

Milton Greenberg

professor emeritus of government at American University, where he served as provost and interim president.

Philip Terzian

literary editor, The Weekly Standard

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