The State of Public Pension Plans

The State of Public Pension Plans

By some estimates, unfunded state and local pension liabilities could be as high as $3 trillion. House lawmakers are pushing for greater disclosure. The financial state of public pension funds and implications for state budget battles.

Cash-strapped state governments are seeking ways to shrink enormous budget deficits. Many are targeting public employee retirement plans and collective bargaining rights in efforts to cut expenditures. All of this is playing out in highly charged political environments. Some see it as a battle between public employees and taxpayers. Yesterday Democrats in Indiana left the state rather than vote on Republican-backed legislation to weaken unions. Grass-roots protests that began in Wisconsin have spread to other states. We'll talk about proposals aimed at addressing concerns with public employee retirement systems and the politics behind them.


Rep. Devin Nunes

Republican U.S. congressman representing California's 21st Congressional District.

Sen. Lena Taylor

Democratic state senator, Wisconsin's 4th Senate District.

Ross Eisenbrey

vice president of the Economic Policy Institute.

Sara Murray

economics reporter, The Wall Street Journal.

Andrew Biggs

resident scholar, American Enterprise Institute.

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