Financial Strains on Cities

Financial Strains on Cities

The city of Camden, New Jersey, is cutting nearly half its police force. A city in California proposes to pay creditors only a fraction of what they're owed: Tax hikes, service cuts and threats of bankruptcy in cash-strapped U-S cities.

Last week the city of Camden, New Jersey announces it a massive lay-offs including about half of its police force and a third of its firefighters. Budget woes were to blame, and Camden is not alone. With revenues and state aid falling cities across the country are facing some very tough choices - choices that will affect not just quality of life and education – but public safety as well. Join us as we talk to the mayors from several different cities about challenges they face, trade-offs to be made, and strategies ahead for regaining their city’s financial footing.


Chris Hoene

National League of Cities

Donald Kettl

Dean,School of Public Policy, University of Maryland

Dana Redd

Mayor, Camden , New Jersey

Don Plusquellic

Mayor, Akron, Ohio

Linda Thompson

Mayor, Harrisburg, PA

Jean Quan

Mayor, Oakland, California

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