Tunisia and the Arab World

Tunisia and the Arab World

At least four cabinet members have resigned from the newly formed government in Tunisia: What weeks of street protests mean for Tunisia and authoritarian regimes elsewhere in the Arab world.

An interim government in Tunisia is still functioning, but barely. Weeks of protests lead to the ouster last week of Tunisia’s long time ruler, ben Ali, In recent days unrest has continued as protesters demand that no members of the former regime be allowed to remain in the government. The dramatic upheaval in Tunisia, which seemed to have come as a surprise to most of the rest of the world, is being watched especially closely by Arab leaders and activists in the region. join us to talk about what’s happening Tunisia and what it may mean for other Arab countries and the U.S.


Nadia Bilbassy

senior U.S. correspondent, MBC TV -- Middle East Broadcast Centre.

Noureddine Jebnoun

adjunct assistant professor, Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, Georgetown University

Richard Murphy

served as U.S. Ambassador to Syria, the Philippines, and Saudi Arabia, and former Assistant Secretary of State for Near East and South Asian Affairs under President Reagan

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