Daniel Rasmussen: "American Uprising" (Rebroadcast)

Daniel Rasmussen: "American Uprising" (Rebroadcast)

The untold story of America's largest slave revolt. In January 1811, 500 slaves rose up from the plantations around New Orleans and set out to conquer the city. Diane and her guest talk about the uprising and its effect on the culture of the American South.

Two hundred years ago this month, hundreds of slaves along the Mississippi River set out to conquer New Orleans. They were willing to die rather than continue the grueling labor on their masters’ sugar cane plantations. This makeshift army was ethnically diverse, politically savvy, and highly organized. And for two days they staged the largest slave rebellion in U.S. history. But unlike the uprisings of Nat Turner and John Brown, most people have never heard of the slave revolt of 1811. That fact prompted an undergraduate student at Harvard to find out why. The story of America’s largest slave revolt…and the reasons it has been largely forgotten.


Daniel Rasmussen

He is the winner of the Kathryn Ann Huggins Prize, the Perry Miller Prize, and the Thomas Temple Hoopes Prize for his research on the 1811 New Orleans slave revolt.

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