Wrongful Convictions and DNA Evidence

Wrongful Convictions and DNA Evidence

In the past 21 years, more than 250 convicted felons have been exonerated by DNA evidence. Diane and her panel talk about the causes of wrongful convictions and ongoing efforts to free the innocent.

A Texas judge this week declared Cornelius Dupree an innocent man, clearing him thirty years after he was wrongfully accused of rape and robbery. More than two-hundred-sixty Americans have been exonerated by DNA evidence since nineteen-eight-nine. Many, like Cornelius Dupree, were victims of eyewitness misidentification. In other cases, improper forensic science, false confessions, or unreliable snitches played a role. The criminal justice community is trying new ways to avoid false imprisonment– from independent investigations to post-conviction case reviews. Using DNA to overturn wrongful convictions.


Shawn Armbrust

Executive Director of The Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project

William Thompson

Professor of Criminology, Law, and Society Psychology& Social Behavior at the School of Ecology at the University of California, Irvine

John Bradley

District Attorney, Williamson County, Texas

Ken Cuccinelli

Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia

Craig Watkins

District Attorney of Dallas County, Texas

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