Environmental Outlook: The BP Oil Spill

Environmental Outlook: The BP Oil Spill

The Obama administration is suing BP for clean-up costs and penalties. As part of our Environmental Outlook Series, Diane and guests explore the case against BP and provide an update on restoration efforts and the future of deep water drilling in the Gulf.

It will likely be years before the full impact of the massive BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico can be assessed. An explosion beneath a deep water rig last April claimed the lives of eleven men. It also triggered the flow of millions of gallons of oil before the undersea well could finally be capped on July 20th. Cleanup efforts have been underway since. Last month the Department of Justice filed a civil lawsuit against BP for billions, and the Obama administration has yet to allow any new drilling operations in the area. Please join us for an update on restoration efforts, the case against BP, and the future of deep water drilling in the region.


Stephen Power

reporter, The Wall Street Journal.

David Uhlmann

professor of law, University of Michigan, and former head of the Justice Department's environmental crimes unit division,

Cyn Sarthou

executive director, Gulf Restoration Network

Lisa Jackson

administrator, the Environmental Protection Agency

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