Tax Cut Compromise

Tax Cut Compromise

The Senate holds a key vote on the tax cut compromise President Obama negotiated with Republican leaders, but hurdles lie ahead in the House: details of the deal and the some of the political and economic implications.

The Senate voted to move ahead on a compromise tax rate plan. The proposal keeps lower Bush era tax rates in place in exchange for an extension of unemployment benefits, and a series of other tax breaks designed to boost the economy. There is strong bi-partisan support for the bill, and a new poll suggest most voters favor it as well, but some House Democrats object to an estate tax provision which they say is overly generous to the nation’s super wealthy. What’s next for the tax cut plan, but first, this news


Chris Cillizza

author of The Fix, a Washington Post politics blog, and managing editor of

Amy Walter

political director, ABC News.

Norman Ornstein

resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and coauthor of "The Broken Branch: How Congress Is Failing America and How to Get It Back on Track."

Rep. Chris Van Hollen

Democrat of Maryland, Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

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