Emma Donoghue: "Room"

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Emma Donoghue: "Room"

Irish writer Emma Donoghue explores the limits of the mother-child bond in her new novel,“Room.” She joins Diane for a discussion about about finding love and resilience in a harrowing situation.

The story of a nineteen-year old girl kidnapped and held captive for seven years in a small, confined space is horrifying. But told from the point of view of her five-year old son in a novel by Irish-born writer Emma Donoghue, it becomes a hopeful story about the unwavering love between a child and a mother and the possibility of new beginnings. “Room: A Novel” was shortlisted for this year’s Mann Booker Prize and appears on many best of 2010 book lists. Emma Donoghue talks with Diane about parenthood, the resilliance of children and faith.


Emma Donoghue

a writer whose novels include Slammerkin, The Sealed Letter, Landing, Life Mask, Hood, and Stirfry. Her story collections are The Woman Who Gave Birth to Rabbits, Kissing The Witch, and Touchy Subjects. She also writes literary history, and plays for stage and radio.

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