Remembering John Lennon

Remembering John Lennon

On the thirtieth anniversary of John Lennon's death, a look at why the music of the former Beatle still stirs the imagination of millions around the world. The political and musical legacy of John Lennon.

Thirty years after his death, John Lennon remains a icon. In his lifetime, the former Beatle's music and activism intimated a U. S. president and inspired millions. Despite his success, he struggled with fame and left the music scene in the mid-seventies to raise his son, Sean. On December 8, 1980, John Lennon had just celebrated his 40th birthday and released his first album in five years when he was gunned down outside his New York City apartment. More than a generation later, John Lennon's popularity has not diminished. Today in a corner of Central Park named "Strawberry Fields," thousands will gather to remember his political and musical legacy. Diane and her guests discuss the life and music of John Lennon.


Richard Harrington

former music critic for "The Washington Post"

Jon Wiener

history professor, University of California at Irvine and author of "Gimme Some Truth: The John Lennon FBI Files."

Philip Norman

author of the Beatles biography "Shout!" and "John Lennon: A Life."

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In September 1971, John Lennon and Yoko Ono appeared on The Dick Cavett Show to discuss their art, their relationship, and, of course, The Beatles:

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