Congress is expected to consider a path to citizenship for young adults who came to this country illegally as children. Critics call it another amnesty proposal. Pros and cons of The DREAM Act and prospects for its passage.

Immigrant advocacy groups have organized protests, hunger strikes and prayer vigils across the United States to rally support for the DREAM Act. The immigration bill offers a path to citizenship for young adults brought to the U.S. illegally as children. Among the requirements for achieving legal status would be two years of college or military service. Congress is expected to take up the DREAM Act this week. Critics argue it would reward – and even encourage – illegal immigration. Supporters say it's a fair way to deal with a problem affecting about two million young people through no fault of their own.


Angela Kelley

vice president for immigration policy and advocacy, Center for American Progress.

Suzanne Gamboa

immigration reporter, the Associated Press.

Steven Camarota

director of research, Center for Immigration Studies.

Lucy Martinez

sophomore at University of Texas, San Antonio; she's on a hunger strike to raise support for the DREAM Act.

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