Salman Rushdie: "Luka and the Fire of Life"

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Katty Kay
Salman Rushdie: "Luka and the Fire of Life"

Salman Rushdie talks about his new book, written as a gift for his teenage son. It features a boy on an old-fashioned quest to rescue his fading father and his imaginary world.

In 1989, the Ayatollah of Iran issued a fatwa against Salman Rushdie, putting him under a death sentence for writing “The Satanic Verses,” a novel deemed blasphemous to Islam. Rushdie went into hiding for decades. Partly as a way to cope with the stress, he wrote a story for his oldest son, featuring a boy on a quest to rescue his father’s lost storytelling skills. Twenty years later, he’s written a companion book for his youngest son. It's an epic adventure about the older boy’s brother quest to bring the fire of life to his dying father. Salman Rushdie talks about fathers and sons, freedom and authority, and the worlds of mythology and video games.


Salman Rushdie

Booker Prize winning author of eleven novels, including "Midnight's Children" and "The Satanic Verses."

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