Reza Aslan: "Tablet and Pen"

Reza Aslan: "Tablet and Pen"

An Iranian-American writer talks about fostering understanding through literature. He opens a window to the history of the modern Middle East and its diverse cultures through the words of its most influential writers, some translated into English for the first time.

The countries of the Middle East stretch from Morocco to Iran and from Turkey to Pakistan. They speak different languages, practice different faiths and possess different cultures. But all have been shaped in the past hundred years by a common experience of western imperialism and the scars left by a legacy of foreign rule. To many Americans, the region is thought of as a hotbed of Islamic terrorism. Writer and religious scholar Reza Aslan offers a different window to the struggles and conflicts of the middle east through the words of the region’s poets and writers, many translated for the first time in a new anthology.


Reza Aslan

author of "No god but God" and How to Win a Cosmic War"

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