Environmental Outlook: Harmony with Nature

Prince Charles of Wales, with frog - Clarence House

Prince Charles of Wales, with frog

Clarence House

Environmental Outlook: Harmony with Nature

Britain's Prince Charles wants revolution—a sustainability revolution. Our Environmental Outlook series considers his call for a new way of looking at the world based on harmony with nature.

For the past thirty years, the Prince of Wales has been advocating for the environment. Now he’s calling for something you wouldn’t expect from royalty – a revolution. Prince Charles says, "If we want to hand on to our children and grandchildren a much more durable way of operating in the world, then we have to embark on what i can only describe as a ‘sustainability revolution’ – and with some urgency." In this month’s Environmental Outlook series, we discuss efforts for humans to reconnect with nature, restore balance and protect the future of the planet.


Tony Juniper

co-author of "Harmony" with Prince Charles and Ian Skelly, a special advisor with the prince’s International Sustainability unit and senior associate with the Cambridge University Program for Sustainability Leadership. He was a Green Party candidate in Britain’s recent general election. His books include, “Guide to the Parrots of the World,” “Spix’s Macaw” and “How Many Light Bulbs Does It Take to Change a Planet?”

Peter Seligmann

co-founder, chairman and CEO of Conservation International.

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